Rainbow Trip – Goru Bihu Song – Presskit

Rainbow Trip, an electronica band based in Guwahati, released their Assamese music video ‘Goru Bihu Song’ on 28th May 2016 at the Guwahati Press Club. Goru Bihu Song is the first of its kind Assamese folk EDM song. The music video is based on their imagination of goru bihu celebrations.


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Email: contact@rainbowtrip.in
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Rainbow Trip consists of Axl Hazarika on music and Amrita Sonowal on vocals. In pursuit of creating something different and unique for Assam they came up with the idea to create Goru Bihu Song as a blend of folk and EDM. The music video captures the essence of Assamese folk bihu dance and celebration of the spirit of goru bihu with cow face paint. The video is directed by Axl Hazarika, produced by Rainbow Trip, and cinematography by Krishna Shah; editing & post-production are done by Axl Hazarika. Rainbow Trip also thanks H.P. Bhattacharya (HOD, Video Dept.) and Dipak Dutta (SRE, Sound) of Jyoti Chitraban Film City for their valuable inputs to the project.


The release event was graced by the presence of eminent Assamese music directors Tapan Bhattacharya and J. P. Das, prominent film directors Manju Borah, Bani Das and Hiren Bora, notable journalist Apurba Kumar Das, Professor Bhubon Lahkar, Dr. Bhupen Kaman, and many other dignitaries.


Manju Borah inaugurated the event by lighting the auspicious lamp. Tapan Bhattacharya and Manju Borah together launched the music video.


Music is a medium to express people’s emotions. Many thousands of years ago, early men created music probably through clapping or tapping feet, later on inventing musical instruments and finally now it has come to electronic music. So it is very interesting and fascinating. Rainbow Trip has done a wonderful job on the Goru Bihu song.”, said Manju Borah.


The legendary Assamese music director Tapan Bhattacharya of the famous duo Jitu-Tapan who created evergreen songs like “Axomire Sutalote” and represented Assam in Bollywood in the 1960s quoted, “I just listened to a beautiful song by Rainbow Trip, both the audio and video are excellent. My best wishes are with them. And I expect a lot of such good work from them in the future.”


In a straightforward manner I’d like to say that there’s a beautiful simplicity in their creation Goru Bihu Song and the entire initiative is mindblowing. They have used traditional words and highly westernized music. I personally loved it. They have a target audience. They have successfully crossed the barrier in order to globalize Assamese culture, so that when a foreigner looks at the video he will be attracted to Assam’s traditional attire and folk dance. On the other hand, Assamese NRI living abroad can also proudly show off their culture through this video. When you want to go abroad, you cannot go by a bullock cart, you have to take a flight. So they have tried to take our culture abroad in a similar way and I appreciate that a lot.” said veteran Assamese director and screenwriter Bani Das.


Assam’s beloved singer-composer J. P. Das said, “I’d like to thank Rainbow Trip for showing me the future that I won’t live to see through this music video. Bihu will remain but we might get to see the kind shown in Goru Bihu Song after 5 years in Chandmari Bihu itself. Experience and technology are 2 ways man can learn and execute things. One can learn from experience like Manju Borah. Rainbow Trip has done using technology and this will last. Many artists claim to take Assamese music to the international scene. But this I believe is the first real attempt that can take Assamese music to the international level. Amrita and Axl, if you continue doing such work, you will really go far. I thank them for their courage for the tremendous attempt at such a young age.”


Rainbow Trip’s musical style combines world music with electronic music. Their music sets have
amassed over 3 million plays on SoundCloud. Their live sets are known to be exceptionally
dynamic with peppy dance beats and live electronica. Rainbow Trip's first psytrance full set uploaded on SoundCloud went viral within a few weeks and peaked at no. 1 on SoundCloud's global trance music charts. It remained at no. 1 for 12 consecutive weeks creating a SoundCloud record. The second EDM set that followed is also a massive success with over half a million plays on SoundCloud within two months.

Axl Hazarika is a music composer, producer, musician and songwriter hailing from Guwahati. He began to make music as an industrial/avant-garde artist. His work includes the rock single for the animation film ‘Hum Badal Gaye’, released in 2012. Having produced music in various genres including metal, industrial, rock and electronica, Axl loves experimenting with new sounds.

Amrita Sonowal, the lead vocalist of Rainbow Trip, is a B.Tech graduate from IIT Guwahati (batch of 2016). She will soon be found within the hallowed red bricks of IIM Ahmedabad. Hailing from Dibrugarh, she also indulges in songwriting and blogging.